“I’ve been teaching various types of exercise for over twenty-five years, and after experiencing Pilates under the expert guidance of Lisa Becksted, I’d have to say that, hands down, Pilates and Lisa are the very best! I’m hooked!” Dev Ross-Reynolds, exercise instructor

“I’ve completed 14 Ironman Triathlons, over 30 marathons, 10 50-mile runs and a 100-mile run. Now that I’m 64, I’ve found that Pilates is the perfect solution for keeping my body in better balance. Thanks, Lisa, for being such a wonderful teacher!”, Mary Ann Buxton, competitor

"Pilates has really helped me sculpt my body in a way that other forms of fitness couldn't quite target. As a dancer with long, lean muscles naturally, I have a hard time building muscle. Working on the reformer in private sessions with Lisa allowed me to target each group individually, and after a month I was already seeing more shape and definition. In addition to the look of my muscles I was also able to increase my upper body strength tremendously. It's a perfect compliment to dance, creating a well-rounded workout routine that I am able to incorporate into my weekly schedule." Holly Dorushka, professional dancer

"Working with Lisa is a 150% positive experience. As a former dancer and a classical ballet teacher, I'm not easily impressed, but Lisa has a very special eye that sees how you are performing an exercise and knows how to coach you to do the movement properly. Lisa is a caring person and this comes through the moment you meet her. She's professional and yet lets hard work be fun and interesting."

If you are getting back in shape, had an injury, or are in great shape and want to take it to a deeper and higher level, I recommend Lisa Becksted, unconditionally. Gari Gold, ballet teacher

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