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Every sport or activity requires engaging the core muscles, the powerhouse from where we derive our overall strength. This is exceptionally true with the sport of horseback riding, whether the emphasis is Dressage, Western or hunter jumper.
Expert riding requires a great deal of stability and positioning of the shoulder girdle and pelvis. Staying strong in the core muscles will aid with shock absorption from your horse's movements, keeps the upper body relaxed and prevents collapsing, twisting or bobbing in the saddle.

Pilates practice is key to building core equestrian strength:

  • stabilizes the hip joints while allowing movement of the pelvis
  • keeps the core muscles strong to stabilize and balance the rider's weight evenly above the horse
  • identifies and trains the proper muscles to provide motion with the horse
  • stabilizes and the strengthens the muscles in the upper body
  • strengthens muscles to set shoulder girdle evenly on the spine yet move freely
  • focuses on lengthening the muscles which create stronger, more supple movements
  • integrates mind, body and spirit, just as equestrian work is a mind, body, spirit connection between rider and horse
Read my article from the Arizona Dressage Association's newsletter!
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